Milford Haven

Living room renovation in Houghton, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Another job in Houghton that we have had a pleasure to do. We have taken down old artexed ceiling to install new fire retardant plasterboard. To make the job tidy we had to level the ceiling which had a 50mm difference on 7.5m span! Then we have insulated it and plaster boarded. New wiring work for additional lights have been added and bedded into a wall. Carpet has been removed , concrete floor has been waterproofed and leveled. New solid oak flooring has been glued down making it a proper solid parquet. Lovely looking floor:) Walls have been decorated and radiator pipes buried in them too to give a nicer cleaner look. Ceiling has been finished with a very nice coving and new oak doors leading into kitchen have been hung. All has been topped up with a custom skirting board and painted with high quality paint :)Again customer is very happy and would like us to do more work in the near future :)

Project Review

I recently called in Patryk to take a ceiling down, lay new insulation, get it plastered and painted. He also replaced coving, levelled and fitted a solid wood floor, replaced skirting boards, buried all piping for the central heating, organized and fitted some new lighting and finally painted and decorated the room. Patryk prepared the work area exceptionally well, covering the windows and frames and fireplace so no spillage could or would cause damage. His work was generally tidy,even though this type of work was particularly messy. The finish is extremely good. Everything level, straight and decorated well. Patryk was very clear about timing, there were days when he had to wait for materials to dry out etc but he came when he said he would. He worked each day till it was appropriate to stop so there were some long days.